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Our promise

Growing clients’ businesses while building a more sustainable, more inclusive future is a tough ask.

But when you join Capgemini, you join a thriving company and become part of a diverse global collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts. A powerful source of energy that drives us all to find new ways technology can help us reimagine what’s possible.

It’s why together we seek out opportunities that will transform the world’s leading businesses. And it’s how you’ll gain the experiences and connections you need to shape your future.

By learning from each other every day, sharing knowledge and always pushing yourself to do better, you’ll build the skills you want. And you’ll use them to help our clients leverage technology to grow their business and give innovation that human touch the world needs.

So, it might not always be easy, but making the world a better place rarely is.

Capgemini. Get The Future You Want.


Working 9 to 5?
Or as the wind blows?

You can’t choose which way the wind blows. See how Clint Rasmussen manages both his two passions: software engineering and kitesurfing.

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Our work philosophy “Live your best work life”

You probably wouldn’t be reading these lines if you didn’t already possess an inherent passion for managing complex processes and solving intricate business challenges – and perhaps even make the world a slightly better place in the process. Perhaps you are driven by a desire to innovate fueled by a potent mix of curiosity, creativity and that wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes afterwards. We all love that…

But at Capgemini Denmark we know, that a good work life consists of more than professional challenges, professional development and hygiene factors such as salary and benefits. We also need to have a rich, present and meaningful life outside the workplace. That’s why we have a flexible work philosophy that helps you shape and develop your career, while at the same time making room for what’s important outside work – the things that help give your work meaning and also enable you to live your best work life.


Up or Out?
Or a long, soaring career?

Hear what Carsten thinks about adapting your career in Capgemini to where you are in life and how he manages the digital transformation of large companies while also finding time for his other passion.

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If you don’t already know Capgemini …

Capgemini is a leading global IT consulting company that transforms and manages its customers’ businesses through technology. We employ 325.000 people in 50 countries, including 400 employees in Denmark. For over 50 years, Capgemini has advised on and implemented innovative digital solutions for both the public sector and some of the world’s largest global brands – from strategy and design to development and operation. Cloud, Insights, Data, AI, and Engineering are just a selection of the technologies and areas that we work with on a daily basis.


A straight career path?
Or freedom to develop in the long run?

Hear what Harrie thinks about being an ambitious young woman working in tech architecture and how the feeling of freedom is key to both her personal and professional development.

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Without a solid foundation, even the most beautiful of work philosophies will remain just words – without action and without creating a meaningful difference. Therefore, “Live your best work life” consists of five building blocks that we live – and work – by every day. Read more about them here.


One of the most motivating feelings in a good work life is being able to identify with what you create and to see the purpose of it.

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Way of Working

Our working lives shouldn’t be a balancing act, but rather a natural whole with room for everything we value outside the workplace.

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Your development is nurtured and grows best when it is driven by desire, the courage to think outside the box and try out new things, and simply by the freedom to have fun along the way.

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Being part of a professional and human community is one of the most important elements of a good working life.

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When you feel secure and supported, you are also able to think out of the box and make the independent, courageous decisions that moves you, us, our clients – and even the world – forwards.

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Time for drama?
Or without too much of a drama?

Can ambitions and art go hand in hand? See how Tomasz makes room to nurture both halves of his brain and has time to put his heart into everything.

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How our colleagues are living their best work life.


We love making the world a little better through technology, and here are a few examples of projects that we’re particularly proud of.


If Capgemini matches your own definition of a good work life, check out our available positions right here.

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One of the most motivating feelings in a good work life is being able to identify with what you create and to see the purpose of it.

"Building data pipelines in a huge Pharma company as part of my work in the Insights & Data team, I actually feel that the work I'm doing is contributing to making the world slightly better."

- Tomasz Nowak, Senior Data Scientist

But identity does not only have to be about the work itself, but also about the way we are in the world as a company. And not least the way we are together as colleagues – united by our common ethical values and the awareness of the positive difference that we are able to make for each other, our customers, our partners and society. Capgemini’s overall purpose is to release human energy through technology to create an inclusive and sustainable future. That can only be done in an atmosphere of inclusion, diversity, freedom, honesty and courage.

“Diversity, equality and inclusion are not just nice words, but a prerequisite of well-being and of giving us all a standpoint in reality – they provide us with a collaborative environment where you dare to be innovative, creative and think outside the box, because you are met with openness and immediacy instead of scepticism or prejudice.”

- Anne Kamstrup Larsen, Delivery Lead, Public Sector

Is being able to identify with your work also a significant motivating factor in your best working life? Then you can see our available positions here

Way of Working

No matter where you are in your working life, most of us will sooner or later experience having to balance our career on one hand and family, friends and hobbies on the other.

At Capgemini, we don’t believe that our working lives should be a balancing act, but rather a natural whole, where there is also room for all the valuable things that lie in the life lived outside the workplace.

That not only provides greater job satisfaction, but also allows our employees to shape their careers at their own pace.

"Everyone is in different phases of life. 3-4 years ago, I myself needed more flexibility when my children were smaller – so I could take a few hours off in the middle of the day and catch up later. Now I am ready to move again, put in more hours and take the next steps in my career. But it is always driven bydesire, always your own choice, at your own pace and it’s never a requirement, nor is there a pressure from above. On the contrary, the management is always ready with help and support on your career path. "

- Anne Kamstrup Larsen, Delivery Lead, Public Sector

A few other examples, where we are probably also a little different…

• A flat organization where management is never far away.

• Reverse mentoring, where an experienced and a new employee meet to exchange resp. experiences and fresh perspectives for the benefit of both parties.


It is not only our industry which is constantly evolving, we too are evolving as people throughout our working lives – both professionally and personally.

At Capgemini, we have a basic understanding that we usually become the best at what we are each most passionate about. That’s why we give our employees the freedom to shape their own careers – both in the short and long term.

“Even though I’ve only been in Capgemini for a relatively short time, I’ve been allowed to take a lot of certifications and have always been supported by the management in my current role. Together with my team leader, we also plan what I want in the long term and in which direction I want to manage my career – and with room to try out different things along the way. "

- Harrie Emily Rice, Consultant, Cloud & Architecture

A few other examples, where we are probably also a little different…

We believe that development gets the best growth conditions when it is driven by desire, the courage to think outside the box, try out new things and simply have fun in the meantime. And as an added bonus, we are a global company with rich opportunities to try our hand at other markets and learn from 325.000 colleagues.


Just as the feeling of being alone can be tiring and demotivating, being part of a professional and human community is one of the most important components of a good working life.

Every day we cultivate the feeling of “togetherness” by learning from each other, supporting each other or simply by having a good laugh across age groups, work areas and hobbies.

Because the best working days are the ones that also give us lots of energy to take home after work.

That is why we actively support this unity – both in and outside the workplace – by celebrating a number of major events during the year.

"I'm the head of 'Outfront' which is Capgeminis' LBGT community - it's actually a Nordic unit comprised of colleagues from both Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. We’re organizing events to spread awareness, to make new LGBT employees feel welcome and accepted, but also to put Capgemini on the global map of LGBT-friendly employers. Management has been very supportive of this and is even driving and funding some of our events.”

- Tomasz Nowak, Senior Date Scientist

Here are a few examples of things that build and maintain our job satisfaction and the sense of togetherness.

Parties, celebrations of important anniversaries
Support for the volunteer communities who regularly arranges sports or entertainment events or just come up with fun and memorable things such as gliding, kite flying and much more.
Our in-house e-sports community of more than 1,000 members.

Everything is run by employees, for their benefit.


When you feel secure, you are also able to make independent, courageous decisions – even if they sometimes give butterflies in the stomach. That is why we strive to make our employees feel secure by knowing that management always have their back.

"I actually feel most comfortable by constantly trying out something new and one day doesn’t look like the next. And I love that I can show up in a workplace with variation, where I don’t have to deal with the same tasks and challenges for too long at a time. And where there’s room for both professional and personal development in a culture where you constantly try to think in different directions.”

- Nicolai Yodtam Hansen, Senior Consultant and Certified Salesforce CRM Specialist

Loyalty goes both ways.

Although job satisfaction is not always a matter of money, we always strive to create a balance between your skills and your salary level, and on top of the salary we naturally offer:

Performance-dependent bonuses
Opportunity to buy employee shares
15% pension already as a graduate, of which we pay 10%
Health and dental care, etc.
Home workplace.

In addition, we have no "Up or Out" philosophy – if you want to stay at your career level without advancing for a period of time (or forever), you will not be thrown out with the bath water.

Good, green intentions are not enough – the proof is in the pudding.

Capgemini Invent – a group within Capgemini focusing on digital innovation, consulting and transformation – was assigned by Volvo Car Mobility to measure the value generated by their car sharing service M.

For the report ”The Sustainability Impact of Car Sharing”, Capgemini Invent surveyed 9,955 private customers in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and asked them about car ownership and driving behavior before and after using M, as well as whether they walked, cycled or used public transportation more often.

The report proved that the value of the car sharing platform goes beyond the mere environmental benefit of reducing emissions, but also has a profound positive social and economic impact by significantly reducing the car density in urban areas.

The report also translated empirical data into concrete and very relatable facts e.g. that the 56,440 square meters of parking space freed up could be replaced with housing for 10,300 people or turned into a small forest of 1,350 trees with the combined ability to bind 1,3 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

And in the end giving Volvo Car Mobility a very valuable tool to grow their business.

Download the full report here

Creating a sales tool to smooth the customer journey

Buying a new kitchen is a major decision – unlike what we normally associate with shopping and assembling new furniture from IKEA. Therefore IKEA needed a sales tool that could help them in the transition from merely selling flat-pack furniture requiring a bit of DIY into providing complete home solutions, such as large-scale kitchen remodel projects – and at the same time build the required trust by creating human-to-human interactions with potential kitchen buyers through data. This was previously done using individual, manual spreadsheets, which lacked a uniform approach and gathered little – if any – valuable data.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Capgemini was chosen to build a Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solution for IKEA’s sales staff. This would enable them to improve the kitchen buying experience for the buyer while at the same time amplify the conversion rates based on data-driven decisions and even use collected data to capture new trends before they fully emerge and help IKEA act on them.

On the practical level, the sales tool provides the sales team with a single, automated system to manage the sales process from inception to kitchen installation, which saves time on planning, training and data collection. It also gives IKEA centralized data for statistics, forecasting, customer retention rates and a lot of other valuable data points.

Read the entire case here

Salesforce CRM platform helps Atos Medical focus on its patients

Data and digital technology have a multitude of opportunities to improve patients’ quality of life directly – e.g. by helping new treatments and critical care reach them faster, simplifying processes and providing information. With a staff-to-patient ratio of only 400/100.000, Atos Medical – a leading provider of neck stoma care – was in dire need of a CRM platform that could reduce manual processes while standardizing and optimizing the entire patient journey.

In collaboration with Capgemini, Atos Medical implemented the Salesforce Sales Cloud to customize the patient journey and give users a unique 360-degree patient view. The solution not only streamlined and automated previously manual and time-consuming processes, but also improved engagement with patients to provide early, ongoing, and personalized, faster support. The entire solution was rolled out successfully across 18 countries despite the global pandemic.

On the company side, the standardized processes for data storage and utilization enabled teams across 18 countries to better share information ensuring a common understanding of customer needs and conditions, which in turn will help Atos Medical grow their business.

Read the full case and see the video here

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